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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  January 26, 2010 2:00am-3:00am EST

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc welcome to the glenn beck program. last week the people who were watching said stop, get your hands out of my wallet and stop screwing the constitution. nancy pelosi said okay, okay, i'll do that. healthcare is out. barney frank said it would be a mistake to disregard the voice of the voters and pass healthcare anyway. 61% of the american people say drop healthcare. you told you last week -- i told you last week we'd see progressive revolutionary emerge in our presence or bill clinton will appear and they'll triangulate and play politics. not only are we seeing revolutionaries, this weekend they decided to fight with everything they've got. not just the revolutionaries, it's arrogant revolutionaries. according to an insider claiming to be present for meetings that will occur between obama, he said the difference between what
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happened with healthcare in 1994 and what is happening now in 2010 is and i quote, "you've got me." [ laughter ] oh, well, that's -- that's great! by the way, that insider just happens to be arkansas congressman marion berry, a democrat. so, sure. we're going to get healthcare, you know, from a progressive. he is a progressive. but at least he's a humble progressive. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. i'm going to get to all the news of the day, there is plenty of time for the white house to call. call me anytime. just correct anything we say. but they're not going to yet again today. this year, i told you, this show is going to be different. and so why we are going to get to the news, i want to explain the approach of this program for the next few months, 12 months maybe.
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last year all i tried to do is figure out what the heck is going on. i was up all the time. got two or three hours of sleep on some nights. most nights in fact. because i was reading, trying to figure it out. trying to figure out what are they doing? we figured it out together last year. this year i decided that the only way to move forward and to fix it is just to remember who we are as americans. learn and remember where we came from. more importantly, correct the history that progressives have tried to erase. friday night, we showed you the history of communist revolutionaries. th that's not topped. we got ratings a while ago and it was the number one show on cable news on friday. we were a little concerned that people would even watch it. it was a documentary. i mean -- you know what i'm saying? it was number one. we had 4 million viewers tune in. unheard of. in fact, it was the highest ratings we ever had for a
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non-news event at 5:00 these ratings don't happen. thank you. you are eager to learn the history that progressives are erasing. as am i. well, all this week we're going to take a deeper look into what we showed you. we're going to show you the different things and how it relates what shall we relates. what we showed you friday that was the end game for crazy people. see if we can find similarities happening here. politico had several professors watch our special on friday night. no doubt to find all the outrageous errors this clown makes on television. well, i'm here to report that they found none. two of the criticisms, clemson university professor author of the "how russia shapes the western world" says --
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>> glenn: the implication is that this is all going to happen if democrats get their way. this is a complete lie. wow! these pour poor professors hav hard time finding anything wrong with the documentary they have to go with implied lies. it's not democrats. it's progressives that we're talking about. they're saying nobody, open your eye, steven, a little bit. you're saying that nobody is defending people like chairman mao. >> mao zedong and mother teresa, not often coupled with each other. but the two people that i turn to most. >> we know that the free market is nonsennonsense. >> we know this is largely about power, adults-only, no limit game. >> glenn: you know what? i don't. i don't agree with that, that
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power largely comes from the barrel of a gun. do you? is that the country you want to live in? by the way, let's not forget this in the white house on the christmas tree. this year. it's an ornament. with chairman mao. but remember, what was it, steven, the professor said, nobody is defending those guys. no, no, no. it looks like they're honoring them. this was just sent in today from a viewer. these are the people we used to like. can you get this? a tighter shot. people we used to like. pop on their heads. now what we turned into. what are we doing? this is just from the obama managers, so don't worry about it. for che, we have seen the glorification of che for years from the left. how many movies in how many movies have come can out from hollywood recently about che? freedom fighter, champion of the worker.
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really? if you say nobody in hollywood is in their right mind or nobody in the administration is in their right mind you might have me there. i don't think that's what the professor was insinuating here. the political article had more thoughtful criticism. alan wolf the director of the boise center for religion in american life at boston college said not only was our film not accurate, but that beck lives if a complete alternative universe. well, first of all, i thought the awkwardly phrase "not only isn't" line from michael at the politico, couldn't we not try to smooth out our sentence structure here a little bit. not only isn't smooth, it isn't also unconfusing. but i digress. he continued -- as an example, he said, beck mentions the nazi supported program like universal healthcare as evidence that the ideology has more to do with the left than the totalitarian right. nazi germany was not evil
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because of their economic program, you think, said wolf, which he noted included a few programs designed to promote public health. it was evil, he said, because it aimed at the extermination of european jewry. yes, i got that alan. thanks, professor. who is pushing state-run healthcare now? is it the right or is it the left? who is it that is always pushing it? is it the right or is it the left? it is always the big with people government designs. that was the association. not here that healthcare made the nazis evil. that's ridiculous. obviously a point can be made tot tot totalitarianism starts with government injecting into our lives. the underlying point i made in the documentarish -- and please, try to keep up, alan -- the right is
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continually associated with nazis. that seems fine with the egg heads in the country. unfortunately, that is the lie that we are exposing. it's, by the way, again, not the democrats. it's the progressives on the left. on the leftm. they have been excusing and defending brutal dictators from the beginning. the reason the progressive movement went underground in the first place was all of their failed policies that america has rejected back in the turn of the last century. then also they had a problem. they kept supporting the evil dictators around the world. progressives like we showed you on friday, george bernard shaw, couldn't hide his admiration for the dictators. watch. >> now benito mussolini cannot take it off. he's condemned, although he is a most aimienable man.
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>> talking about moo mussolini. he talked about mussolini's scary look. before that part, he said mussolini looks like this, a little scary. i can look like that, too, but i can look happy, too. mussolini is condemned to always look like that. he wanted america to know he could look scary, but he really wasn't. after it became abundaabundantl apparent to the world the evil they were supporting, progressives realized as shaw demonstrated on camera, they had to change the scary face. not the policy, the scary face. that is until recently when the progressives again became arrogant and now they don't care what face you see. last week on radio we were talk about the beatles song "revolution." i really listened to the words of this and i got to tell you something, the beatles spell it all out. and it's all about understanding how
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progressives have been operating. listen carefully. ♪ ♪ say you want a revolution ♪ well, you know >> glenn: two all want to change the world. you want a revolution, but how do we go about changing the world without waking too many people up that don't want your change? key in the lyrics. listen -- ♪ >> glenn: revolution. revolution. that is -- that leads to destruction. you can count me out of a
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revolution, because that's destruction. but progressives know you drop the one letter and make it evolution and i'm there. they lay the plan out nicely. ♪ >> glenn: the beatles knew. they knew opening defending mao, or attacking the constitution would be suicidal. you can't change it. you can't have a revolution. but you can make the constitution evolve. you can make it -- what is it progressives said around the turn of the century -- a living document! evolution. evolution. not revolution. slowly, step-by-step. if i told you i wanted to get from here to here, you'd say no. i'm sorry. i'm over here. but, if i said oh, no, no, no. don't worry.
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"a," "b," "c," "d." pretty soon i could slow down and stop. we could look the other while. "m." "p," "q," r, "s." pretty soon we're at "z." evolution. progressives had to continue to follow that playbook. if they had, we may have never known that we were right on the doorstep of "z." but then they became arrogant and impatient, believing that the movement progressed to the point where it just couldn't be stopped. or because there is absolutely no diversity of opinion in their circles. they all think the same way. they are from the radical '60 background. obama moved ahead, light speed with his agenda. if not for appointing this guy, avowed communist, van jones, a guy who left the white house, if it wasn't for this one, anita dun singing
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praises of chairman mao. if it wasn't for the anti-capitalist manufacturering czar where power, he agrees with moo, it comes from the barrel of a gun. that the free market system and capitalism is dead. if it wasn't for the arrogance of andy stern, the most frequent visitor at the white house. anti-capitalist. if it wasn't for john holdr holdren, people on this show may not have known. you may not have known. now with i do now. it's not a revolution. it's evolution. we want to make it clear for any professors who might be watching, who are still believing the bull crap they keep teaching every day. no one on this program is saying this administration is setting out to commit atrocities in america. what we are saying the pattern repeats itself. we must be vigilant and watch for warning signs like andy
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stern. >> we're trying to use the power of persuasion. if that doesn't work, we'll use the persuasion of power. >> glenn: got it? the guy who said workers of the world unite is no longer a slogan anymore. we'll use the power of persuasion, and if not, bada-binge. is that a threat, andy stern? our founders knew too much government is never desirable. it never will bring you more freedom. the people in this administration have shown us certain warning signs and isn't it stupid of us to ignore those signs. it doesn't mean that's where the road is going to end up. it means there is a warning sign here. careful, hazard ahead. don't worry, the danger is only heightened when you couple radical revolutionary ideas with arrogance. i think the president was right when he said this isn't 1994. heck, it's not 1934. it's not 1994.
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what was it he said the difference was? oh, yeah, that's right. we have him. barack obama. if we are not careful, america, their arrogance will not only be their undoing, which it already has, but if we're not careful, it will be ours as well. >> you will never guess who is heading up the commission
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>> glenn: when government interferes and overregulates, there is inevitably a trail of unintended consequences left in its path. usually wreckage. like when government tried to
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institute fairness in homelanding, everybody deserves a home -- home lending, everybody deserves a home. that's what they said. everybody. the american dream! no, it is not. well, what do they do when they said that was the american dream? they decided, well, let's loosen up some of the requirements for home loans, you know what i mean? you don't need i.d. or anything else. people who couldn't afford homes, oh, they bought them. shockingly now the people are defaulting. and we're currently paying the price for it. don't worry. once again, government, they created the problem. they're here to save the day now. president obama wants to solve the problems with the banking industry, by instituting major bank ereforms. his solution: we ought to cap the size and trading activities of banks, make them smaller. oh! well, everybody loves the plan. at least they do in europe. of course the french men and
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the brits don't want to commit to doing that plan. i mean, they're applauding us for getting rid of the big evil banks. you betcha. the french are saying yes, that's right, you should do that! this is like honda congratulating g.m. on going green, because g.m. comes out and says we're going to make only cars and sell cars that run 296 miles a gallon and going to plug it in at night. nobody is going to buy those things. what do you honda would say? oh, no, you should don't that. that wouldn't fair. of course honda will say keep going! it's impossible to sell cars like that. that is what is happening here. bravo, bravo says the french. that sentiment is not shared here in america. senior wall street bankers now are headed to the world economic forum in devos, switzland, to lobby against the plan. it's not just this plan investors hate. this sin credible. bloomberg pulled the
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subscribers. 77% say the president is anti-business. 81% say they're not confident or even somewhat confident in the president's ability to hand the financial crisis. that's hard for me to believe. that community organizer who told america he could stop the oceans from rising if we deflated the car tires doesn't know how to solve the economy problem? you don't say. so why would we pursue an agenda that our friends in europe all love, but won't do? an agenda that the overwhelm mag jurorty of americans are against. and the business community is against. does it make sense to you? yeah, me neither, until i realized you just have to follow the progressive circleal of influence. because here it is. here is the president. we've got a problem. oh, no, we've got a problem we've got to solve. right?
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so what does he do? he appoints somebody to look into it. phil angelides. i'm going to get to the bottom of it. phil, you get to bottom. yes, sir, mr. president, right away. so he comes up with a plan. he and the president sell it. we well, who's over now in europe? george soros. this is fantastic! he's many davos pitching for it now. soros is probably the only investor who is still on board with obama's bank plan. why? let's follow the circle of influence. the president, our buddy phil just serving you, soros, soros has the tide foundation. he heavily donates to this. it's great. one of the biggest projects in the tide foundation he gives tons of money to is the apollo alliance. the apollo alliance, remember him? creating green jobs. that's what he did. we got jeff jones here. he's -- well, he was part of the weather underground.
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i like the picture because in case you don't -- i mean, say something bad happens you can always check glasses for his fingerprints. this was taken, you know, when he was blowing things up with this guy in the '60s. okay. so wait a minute. hold it, there is something missing. it remember what it is. this is so weird! who is the chairman of the apollo alliance? this guy! he just happens to be the chairman of the financial crisis inquiry commission. that's getting to the bottom of the banking mess. wow! that looks like that is going to get solved. it's the progressives circle of life. except no littlez z simba to hold up at the eend. you know why? because where are you? you are over here. this is you.
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you are yelling at the top of your lungs, "help!" it goes from here. to here. it doesn't work. these are the people that are creating the problems and making them much, much worse. so now let me show you another problem. completely unrelated that they're solving now. we have it? okay. barack obama, it's all we need, we need to create more jobs. mm-hmm, mm-hmm. so he gets, he gets this guy. create green jobs. yeah, he's great. you know that guy, that guy is, the tide foundation. which starts the apollo alliance. and hires him. and him. and he was good friends with this guy. and he's the chairman. wow! look at. it's just yet another circle.
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the apollo alliance gave us the stimulus. they're the ones who wrote it. don't ask me. ask harry reid. these are the people that wrote the stimulus package. hey, by the way, how are the new jobs working out for you? this is great, isn't it? because this guy and this guy after talking to this guy said that the plan these guys made is going to make sure that we never have employment higher than 8%. yeah. last time i checked, but i'm not a harvard professor, i think 10% is bigger than 8%. once again, you're found nowhere in this circlium. know where you should be? you should be here. you should be here. you should be here and here and here. and here. and here.
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you should be all over this. it should start and end with you. you see what happens here? it's a game. it's a game designed by these people. it's a game that benefits these people. and the reason why you're not in this is because they don't really care. over the weekend, three different obama advisors were playing this game. listen carefully, watch this. >> the recovery act, the president passed, has created more than, or saved more than two million jobs. >> the recovery act saved thousands and thousands of jobs. >> largely as a result of the recovery plan that has put money back into our economy, that saved or created a million-and-a-half jobs. >> i'm trying to figure it out. it was thousands of jobs, it was 1.5 million jobs.
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and it was 2 million-plus jobs. that's what everybody is hammering on them now. can't they even get their numbers right? oh. this is exactly what they want you to talk about. let me tell you something. if i said to you right now you know what? this is the second most important show ever on television. in the history of television. this is the second most important show. you'd say that's ridiculous, right? right. just like if i told you that we were creating 2 million jobs, you'd say that's ridiculous. you wouldn't talk about the 3 million jobs we lost since the stimulus package passed. what are you doing? we're sitting here and argui arguing which one is it, thousands, 1.5 or 2 plus million? if i said this is the second most important show in the history of television a lot of people would go what is ridiculous. but what does he think number
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one was? i can get you to assume i'm even anywhere near that number. i'm not. this is a stupid 5:00 show. these numbers are just as bogus as my claim. so how do you do it? you don't play the game anymore. do you remember the movie with matthew broaderick "the war games"? it's a stupid movie but i like it. remember when the computer is going to blow up the whole world? watch the ending. ♪ ♪ >> the winning move is not to
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play. >> glenn: it learns the only winning move is to not play. stop playing the game. stand up for honor, and integrity, honesty, for our founders, our constitution, everything that is true and honest and they stood for 200 years ago. you stand for those things and you stop playing their political game because there is no way to win. back in a minute. rc
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obama donor. "special report" at the fop fop -- at the top of the hour. >> glenn: tell you something i learned over the weekend, i had no idea. bill o'reilly is a scream. i mean he is really funny. we were on stage together in long island. we'll show you some clips. i mean he's laugh out loud funny. i don't know what happened. you got to see it. coming up in a minute. now "state of the union" is on wednesday. normally, i avoid the "state of the union" like it's the plague. it's two minutes of content and 40 minutes of yes! from one side of the room and the other is going -- from the other side. this time i'm interested because i can't figure out which president is going to show up. the arrogant progressive that will drown everything down your throat, little person
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you that doesn't understand, or the guy who wakes up and says you know what? maybe i should listen to the people. it could be a combination of both. one who is disguising his arrogance with focus-group scripted words. that's the one i bet on showing up. the tide is turning against barack obama. and he knows it. polls show he is the most polarizing president by a wide margin since they started keeping track of these things during eisenhower. healthcare is on the brink after massachusetts was lost to a republican. half of those who voted for brown said they did so as a vote against healthcare. everything else was single digits. clear repudiation of the president and he knows it and everybody around him knows it. that's why he has called for marines. yes, his trusty campaign team to save the day. one of the guys who has the worst names in america, i mean, hey, barry changed his name. plouffe. might want to think about changing it. he's been re-enlisted.
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yes, dr. plouffe here, ran obama's presidential campaign and then tried to capitalizen it writing a book called "the audacity to win." let's not going anointing this guy the next karl rove. being a campaign manager for barack obama in twilight was like coaching lebron james into a victory in a one-on-one game against a 4-year-old with no arms. just saying. it doesn't take a genius to get that one done. here is what plouffe said. "instead of fearing what might happen, let's prove than we have more than just brains to govern. that we have the guts to govern. let's fight like hell!" yeah. hey, davie, i'd like to know exactly who you are fighting against. because it can't be the republicans, because they don't have any power. they got one extra seat, which now because of that one vote d democrats can't officially anymore say sit down and shut up. that's it. they can't stop the
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democrats. so who is the enemy? unless it's a phantom enemy. only the shadow knows. it's a page ripped right from the hugo chavez school of governing. he's a radical marxist revolutionary. i wonder if there is any connection there. you'll have to tune in tomorrow and find out. you see here is what chavez does. he blames the wealthy for all his country's issues. making the case people suffer because of the evil wealthy. they're taking long showers. yes. not because of him. but because of other people. you don't have more water? what? it's the other people, not me the ruler. who is this administration fighting against? actually, maybe the question, a better question would be who are they fighting for? americans have spoken on healthcare. 77% of bloomberg subscribers polled think he's anti-business. there is an overwhelming opposition to obama's latest bank reform. his overall approval rating sunk to 48% and is still
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going down. there is even a shortage of obama fans writing letters to news outlets. they had to recycle. reuse and recycle. as a dozen papers nationwide had to rely on one lone fan. ellie light from that city, every time. it's weird. obama supporter who almost has identical letters and they mysteriously appeared like "philadelphia daily news," "san francisco examiner," "myrtle times," bangor, maine, and they even appeared overseas in boverseas post. when ellie light is your remaining supporter, a typical politician might tring lathe and move -- triangulate and move to the center, like bill clinton did in 1994. but we are not dealing with typical politicians, we're dealing with progressive
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radicals who want to fundamentally change our country. plouffe said they have to have the guts to govern. well, if these guys, andy stern, who is this one? ron brown. i love him. you know, if they didn't love mao or didn't think power comes from the barrel of the gun, or agree with using persuasion of power, i would haven't a problem with the rhetoric. typical politicians like nancy pelosi were ready to raise the white flag on healthcare. and she said -- >> in its present form without any change, i don't think it's possible to pass the senate bill in the house. i don't see the votes for it at this time. >> glenn: now obama has called in the campaign troops. the battle lines are being drawn. they are going to fight like hell. that's why i told you last week these are the times that will try men's souls. we have to wait and see on
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wednesday, the "state of the union." which obama is going to show up. the politician, or the radical progressive. a fight for the soul of the democratic party. it ain't your grandpa's democratic party anymore. i'll explain next.
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>> glenn: well, the democrats are ready to come out fighting.
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really, fighting with each other. i mean this is what obama wants you to believe that they are going to fight the republicans. but they're not. your grandfathgrandfather's demc party is really the target here. democrats, i've been waiting for you to wake up and i hope you do soon. my grandfather and my grandparents were all democrats. the traditional democratic party is the one going up now against the radical fringe left. the democrats are hurting and looking ahead to the november election to define themselves are they going to be the democratic party we grew up with as kids or are they going to be the radical revolutionaries from the '60s? which way are they going to go? i'm telling you there is a difference between democrat and progrsigressives for a whil but nobody wants to listen. here it is. please listen. there are blue dog democrats. and there are also democrats that aren't quite blue dogs but they're not socialist marxist radicals.
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they are more like your grandfather's democrat. most democrats, i believe, still love america. they love the founders, they love the constitution, and they believe in this country. but then there is another group and they infiltrated not just the democratic party but the republican party. they're in the congressional progress i cauive caucus, belieg that the government can solve any and all problems and they must. to understand the group, put it this way, everyone pretty much thinks that government causes most problems. i don't know anybody who says the government, they always get it right. i wish they could come and help me in my house. the progressives believe that they, the government are the only ones that can solve problems. and that the problem really when you boil it down is all the stupid people. got it? there are the proud democratic progressive. and then the democrat. make no mistake, there are
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progress i republicans. teddy roosevelt was a huge progressive. we get into it later this week. mccain is a huge progressive and a huge fan of teddy roosevelt. that was my first key. i was like wait a minute, now i understand john mccain. teddy roosevelt said walk softly and carry a big stick. the progressives have done it for a long time. never been a better example, walk softly, don't let anybody know where you are but carry a big stick. now that's kind of changed in the democratic party. they're not walking softly anymore. they're shouting from the rooftops. they're ripping it open. they're jamming their agenda down people's throats. mainly those in the democratic party. the big stick is the one being wheeled now against california congressman lynn woolsy. we got this from an insider. wait until you hear this story. the cochair of the congressional progressive caucus is who she is. supporting a bluedog democrat jane harmon and according to a liberal blog lindsay
2:47 am
attended a fundraiser for harmon. lindsay went to the event but they didn't return our phone calls. progressives are upset with this. before the event the progressive caucus of california, the california progressive democratic party sent a letter to woolsy which read in part dear congresswoman woolsy, we the officer of the progressive caucus of the democratic party are the constituents in your district and the rest of california. we're your friends, your ardent supporters. through your long and distinguished career and consider ourselves our progressive colleagues in the california democratic party. listen to this. we have worked for the same agenda inside the democratic party. goit? how many times have i said they're a virus feeding on the host of the republic and this in case the democratic party. we work together inside the democratic party as you pushed for in congress. we turned out and worked on the ground to defeat the primary opponents several
2:48 am
years ago, motivated by a deep admiration for leadership you have shown on many issues geared to progressives and reliable campaign contributors along the way. we write to give you strong disappointment in the decision to support jane harman, undistinguished scandal-ridden conservative, a democrat, over marcy winograd a true long standing progressive. we understand harman recently moved slit/the left this an attempt to keep her seat. after the election, however, we expect her to revert to blue-dog ways and oppose much of yours and ours legislative agenda. interesting choice of words. "working inside the democratic party." the progressives are pair si diet -- parasite inside the democrats. they're feasting on the democratic party and inside on the republican party. the california progressives weren't the only ones upset. amando of crooks and liars yet on huffington post, "for woolsy to hold fundraising
2:49 am
event for a known blue dog should be firing offense for the cpc." progressive democrats of america joined in. they started an online petition asking her to withdraw from the event. woolsy said no. i don't know how it will end. it's all california and will end in the mudslide to the bottom of the ocean anyway. the last time the progressives were in the position and they started gobbling power and they exposed themselves, people caught on and hated them. they had to disappear for decades. hiding, masquerading as liberals. we cannot let them disappear like obama allowed van jones to disappear in the middle of the night. van jones, i got news for you, gang, is still in the system. we should embrace the progressive philosophy and fundamentally transform the country or discredit it. so progressivism cannot slither away in the shadows anymore and resurface later.
2:50 am
a while back i said two can play at this game. it's bipartisan bickering. it almost went down the road and i had an epiphany before i went on vacation, around thanksgiving. we have can't play two -- two can't play this game. we must restore honor. show you a logo here. this is the logo of restoring honor. august 28, 2010. i'm going to be on the steps on the lincoln memorial. and we are going to talk about honor, our founders, washington, lincoln, and who we really are. there is not going to be one word of politics in it. i invite you to be there. to restore honor to this country, because that will solve all of it. find out more details at do it now. #ñ#ñ#ñ#ññññññññ
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>> glenn: bill o'reilly and i are strangely becoming friends and we kicked off our tour on saturday. we are going to locations but tickets are sold out. you can go to a movie theater and see it on saturday. here is a taste of it. ♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen -- >> going to wear a tie. >> the bold and fresh tour. >> we like to mix things up. >> i'm not sure if your audience likes me. so -- >> that is an excellent point. when you -- >> see, that's not reassuring. >> get the last word. >> probably not. >> get ready, y'all. >> bill o'reilly is using me
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to draw away the sniper fire. i'm nothing but a human meat seal for the guy! > >> [ inaudible >> [ inaudible ] >> i appreciate you guys coming out on saturday night to see two sluts like us. thank you very much. > >> the show sold out in three hours. it took bill marr six months to sell half the tickets. >> hello. hello. is this on? hello! if i -- >> beck, beck, beck. >> oh, yes, bill o'reilly! [ laughter ] >> glenn: it's a lot of laughs. don't miss it. check it out at we'll be back in a minute. according to the epa, the air in your home can be two to five times more polluted than the air outside. smoke, germs, viruses, allergens, pet dander,
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this morning i got to the office and they told me there is a new poll out that shows oprah winfrey is america's favorite tv personality in all genres and all categories and i'm number two. they say it's the largest jump from nowhere on to poll since they have been taking this poll. i'm truly honored that you watch the show every night. thank you for putting up with me and thank you for watching every night. it's an honor to serve you. thank you very much. we'll see you tomorrow from new york. good night, america.


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